With a focus on large scale residential and mixed-use schemes, Peter leads a team carrying projects from concept stage to detailed design and completion.

Working across projects involving complex site constraints, he has developed a strong understanding of balancing client requirements with local community engagement and planning policies.

Peter has a real passion for improving the link between architectural practice and education to make the industry more accessible for marginalised and underrepresented groups. Recognised for the articles he has written to raise awareness; he holds an Editorial Advisor position. He has been instrumental in guiding BPTW’s EDI strategies, spearheading the practice’s relationship with the University of Sheffield and London School of Architecture (LSA).

He is also a Part 3 examiner, mentoring several of BPTW’s students through their professional studies. He encourages his team to be curious and never be afraid to ask questions, giving them the autonomy to grow their skills.

His teamwork skills extend beyond project work to the pitch, where he enjoys a weekly game of competitive 5-a-side football.