DFMA + Innovation

We are committed to design innovation in creating better homes and places, improving efficiency, quality, and environmental performance of buildings.

With a focus on practical innovation, we use Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and BIM methodologies to design better, safer and more efficient homes. We work with our clients to establish the most appropriate innovation for them, their projects and budgets guided by over three decades of experience.

We excel in designing for Offsite fabrication and utilise innovative solutions across the board, from unitised components like glide-on balconies and standardised pre-formed modules to panelised construction systems, including volumetric modulesand, finally, factory-manufactured houses.

Innovation through collaboration

We lead a collaborative design process with clients, consultants, and specialist manufacturers that embeds DfMA strategies early to achieve deliverable, cost-effective design solutions. Our specialist BIM team integrates BIM and 3D modelling into our design processes to streamline the DfMA process for our clients while implementing joined-up thinking with circular economy principles and waste reduction. We remain committed to exploring new ideas and embracing new technology with our clients as the way we work evolves.