This landmark development takes advantage of a prominent corner site to create a new and vibrant gateway to the Stockwell Park Estate, integrating it into the local context while creating a symbol of positive change for the area.

ClientNetwork Homes and SW9 Housing
Number of Homes 92
Tenure Mix 100% private
Other Uses 760 sqm
Site Size 0.45 ha
Completiton Date February 2016
Planning Approved November 2012

As an important part of Network Homes’ wider £150m estate redevelopment, the scheme’s exemplar architectural quality improves the legibility of spaces around the site, enhancing the connectivity between the estate, Brixton town centre and the adjacent Max Roach Park. With this, the scheme also provides new offices and modern facilities for SW9 Community Housing, facilitating the expansion of services they are able to provide.

With the introduction of safe pedestrian routes, the Junction also offers a range of shared outdoor spaces. These include a new public square along Stockwell Park Road which provides an attractive and secure amenity space for residents of the estate to enjoy, and is fitted with bespoke seating to encourage regular use.

Across the scheme’s 92 modern apartments the private sale element has successfully cross subsidised the regeneration of affordable homes, enabling the Junction to become a marker of transformation in the area. In turn, this has allowed all residents to benefit from either balconies, sunscapes or private rear gardens, positioned to act as an additional noise buffer within the busy urban location and increase the comfort for residents.