Alkerden Heights is creating a characterful family neighbourhood and garden suburb, comprised of high quality homes and a neighbourhood green space.

Number of Homes 182
Tenure Mix 75% private, 70% intermediate, 5% affordable
Site Size 3.42 ha
Completiton Date Expected Spring 2025
Planning Approved February 2022

A scheme of 182 homes, Alkerden Heights is inspired by Swanscombe’s rich farming and industrial history. Our architectural team have created three bespoke house typologies that reflect this: workers’ cottages, farmhouses and farm buildings. The workers’ cottages and farmhouses are defined by simple rooflines with elegant proportions and contrasting detailing. However, to create variety in the streetscape, a predominantly yellow multi stock brick has been used across the workers’ cottages and a red brick throughout the farmhouses, all of which are manufactured locally. By contrast, the farm buildings contain a distinctive black weatherboard and red brick feature chimney. The result is a scheme which has a distinct architectural narrative.

The site borders the future Alkerden Barn Park, part of a the wider Swanscombe Quarry Masterplan, which provides a backdrop of trees, hedgerows and planting for homes located on the site’s western boundary. For residents living along the boundary, windows have been orientated to maximise views across the park and create connectivity with the landscape. Feature apartment buildings also frame key entrances into the site.

The scheme was commended at committee for its architectural quality and shortlisted at the Housing Design Awards 2022.