Constable Road and Rembrandt Drive consists of 7 new age-friendly homes split across two small sites. A bespoke house typology has been designed specifically for senior downsizers. Situated in Gravesend, the project pulls inspiration from the surrounding vernacular and heritage of Gravesham.

ClientGravesham Borough Council
Number of Homes 7
Tenure Mix 100% Affordable
Site Size 0.55 ha
Planning Approved 2020

For the project BPTW developed a unique housing typology for 6 terraced houses and 1 detached house designed specifically for senior downsizers. An accessible ‘one bed plus’ design has been provided with adaptability for future needs, with the main living and sleeping space on the ground floor. The provision of an extra living space on the first floor, offers flexibility to accommodate visitors, future carers or use as an additional recreational area. All homes are wheelchair accessible and the remaining open space to the east of the row of terraces is to be improved with additional trees and easily accessible play and recreational space for the use of the existing and the new residents.

Situated to the southwest of Gravesend, the project pulls inspiration from the surrounding vernacular. Analysis of the rhythm, proportion and character of buildings in the immediate area revealed opportunities to design features that ensured the homes integrate with its surroundings, whilst giving a contemporary feel to an otherwise quite traditional form. Use of a simple material palette was a key principle of the design which, as well as active frontages, retained green spaces and continuity of the streetscape helped blend between the old and the new.

BPTW has been working closely with Gravesham Brough Council as part of a new build programme to design and deliver 100% affordable homes on a number of sites. To date planning permission has been granted for over 160 homes across a variety of complex infill and regeneration sites, with each design seeking to create a harmonious relationship with its surroundings, improving the local neighbourhood and incorporating aesthetic choices and material selection inspired by the Kent architectural vernacular. The proposals form part of a wider strategy to meet the needs of an ageing population in the area, addressing a lack of provision for downsizers.