At Beechwood Village, BPTW is delivering a dramatic transformation of the former Craylands Estate in Basildon with new factory built homes . The masterplan celebrates community focus, with a substantial green space at the heart of the development.

Number of Homes 301
Tenure Mix 15% affordable, 85% private
Site Size 22.43 ha
Planning Approved October 2016

Together with Landscape Architects Outerspace, BPTW has been responsible for the overall masterplan together with the detailed design for sites in the north and south of the estate. We developed this in close liaison with Swan, its development partners Basildon Borough Council and the HCA as well as the residents of the existing estate.

As a result, the existing good quality houses on the estate were retained, while the new homes replace sub-standard maisonette blocks. Organised around a series of streets and green spaces, the factory-built homes offer a variety of different characters, creating a more legible and permeable street pattern. These environmental and landscaping improvements form part of a unified landscape strategy that also links local parks with new green spaces, knitting the neighbourhood together.

From the outset we designed five simple typologies to ensure that all the new homes can be manufactured off site volumetrically by Swan’s property development arm, NU living, in a new, Basildon-based factory. The homes will be built using Cross Laminated Timber.