Shakespeare House is a unique conversion of a four-storey residential building in Hackney. Through an inventive and rigorously executed refurbishment process, eighteen high-quality modern apartments have been created, transforming the original 1930’s building into a desirable place to live.

ClientIslington and Shoreditch HA
Number of Homes 18
Tenure Mix 100% affordable
Completion Date 2014

The development revitalised a poor-quality housing block which originally housed 24 flats and suffered from a lack of amenity space, inadequate living areas, and small kitchens and bathrooms. Reconfigured to create generously sized living spaces, the building has been completely insulated to improve energy efficiency and is overlaid with an attractive Corium brick cladding system.

A landscaped area and new spacious balconies provide excellent amenity spaces for residents, while additional windows have been installed to improve natural lighting within the homes. Deep reveals, window surrounds, new doors and cladding have offered a new perspective on this development, guided by strong architectural features and a contemporary feel.

In 2014, Shakespeare House was shortlisted in The Sustainable Housing Awards as well as the Hackney Design Awards.