Prime 1 (Corporation Street) delivers 89 contemporary apartments on a previously underused infill site. The design approach for the scheme was inspired by the architectural style of surrounding buildings and the historic character of the town.

Clientmhs homes
Number of Homes 89
Tenure Mix 60% shared ownership, 40% affordable
Site Size 0.57 ha
Completiton Date February, 2019
Planning Approved February, 2016

This development delivers homes in a mixture of one, two- and three-bedroom apartments, spread across four 5-storey buildings on two sites, both under five minutes walking distance from the high street. The buildings are constructed in brick, paying homage to the rich historic context of Rochester town centre with various elements of notable local buildings being used for design reference – particularly in terms of window composition and brick detailing.

A tree-lined boulevard creates a buffer zone, aiding a reduction in noise. Windows and balconies are arranged in a tartan grid pattern, while outset balconies feature on the corners of the building. This adds visual interest to the building’s façade and captures stunning views of Medway’s prominent landmarks, including the city wall, cathedral and castle.