BPTW’s strategic densification study for Swale Borough Council assessed the development and densification potential of 186 sites in Swale, Kent, to support long-term council decision-making and harness the latent value of its landholdings.

ClientSwale Borough Council
Site Size 168 ha

BPTW conducted two stages of its strategic asset review process to provide Swale BC with a holistic overview of the latent potential of its landholding, emphasising densification opportunities on 186 sites.

Commencing with a traffic light assessment, BPTW categorised the development potential of every site using a desktop analysis of constraints and opportunities. Our work at this stage focused on how the site’s physical attributes and context would preclude densification, with concluding assessments and rankings for the development possibility of each site. To increase accuracy, we organised the sites into eleven ward boundaries and enabled a manageable assessment of each plot within its geographic context. Our categorisation of the sites as either urban, suburban, or rural supported us in creating proposals based on residential densities best suited to each location.

We then assessed the sites we identified as having development potential against criteria including access, trees, site levels, and overlooking, and created a Constraints and Opportunities Diagram for each site. Expanding upon this assessment, we creatively sought to enhance overall development potential by indicating how sites could be combined, extended, or acquired to increase the number of homes deliverable.

To conclude, we created a compendium document and summarised the development potential of each site, stating the location, quantum, and presumed housing types alongside a detailed table with observations and commentary and Constraints and Opportunities Diagrams.

BPTW’s strategic densification study identified those sites with the best development potential, helping Swale Borough Council to review the proposals and proceed with the sites best aligned to its development needs.