In collaboration with Runnymede Borough Council and Design South East, BPTW is helping to facilitate the translation of Runnymede’s existing Design SPD into a comprehensive and user-friendly area-wide Design Code for the borough to underpin its review of the 2030 Local plan.

ClientRunnymede Borough Council
Site Size 78km2
Other Consultants

Design South East - engagement and training expert

As expert trainer and critical friend, BPTW is creating the framework for an area-wide design code for Runnymede Borough Council in line with the National Model Design Code. BPTW is leading a review process of the existing Design SPD with Council Officers and identifying how to translate the existing document into coding guidance. Following this, BPTW will establish a strategy to shape and deliver the Design Code and vision from inception to completion. The design code will likely focus on themes of gentle densification and landscape-led development, climate change resilience, and a focus on character as opposed to density.

BPTW and engagement and training specialists, Design South East, are working with Runnymede Officers to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and transfer design skills to officers during workshops and engagement events for the long-term benefit of the Planning Department. Community and stakeholder engagement is integral to the design code process. An engagement plan will run concurrently with the coding process, engaging multiple stakeholders such as officers, councillors, relevant consultees and community representatives to create beautiful places reflective of community opinions.

BPTW and Design South East will provide ongoing peer review support to the council to ensure the new code is suitable for the borough and provides clear, practical and deliverable guidance to create high-quality, contextually responsive places in the future.