29 - 03 - 2021

BPTW is pleased to sponsor The Housing Forum’s Councils Network, a focused programme centred on supporting councils in building their development expertise and delivering more quality homes for their communities.

With a vision of a ‘Quality home for all’, The Housing Forum’s Councils Network is enabling collaboration and the sharing of best practice between more than 75 councils. This is being achieved through a range of events, reports and other benefits, all supported by the member sponsors.  Through the Councils Network the Housing Forum aims to share the best approaches in council delivery with a knowledge sharing and partnership working agenda determined by a Local Councils Advisory Group comprising representatives from the GLA, Homes England, and councils across England.

At BPTW our architecture and planning consultancy teams are collaborating with many councils to meet their housing delivery ambitions and design and deliver beautiful homes which meet local need; we believe that building and supporting the development capacity of our councils is vital to delivering more and better homes nationally.  We are delighted to support The Housing Forum’s Councils Network in doing so, building on our work with other organisations such as the Future of London where we support a similar programme aimed at building up the expertise of council development teams.