BPTW’s Strategic Asset Review for ORIGIN Housing Association assessed the development potential of 175 landholding, including studying the condition of over 4000 homes in its ownership, to identify a holistic development approach that maximises the potential of existing assets with infill, extension and full development considered.

ClientORIGIN Housing Association
Number of Homes 4183

Using BPTW’s three-stage assessment process, our team commended the collation and assessment of information about ORIGIN’s land holdings for stage 1. We reviewed the legal title of each property to organise them into clusters by borough and location, bringing together groups of individual properties, buildings, streets, and whole estates. The groupings helped ORIGIN to quantify its existing housing stock.

In stage 2, we conducted a desktop review of all sites and organised their development potential into three categories: refurbishment, partial development, and full redevelopment. We considered the buildings’ ownership, tenure, and condition, and assessed contextual constraints such as access, trees, overlooking, and building heights. The study culminated with each site being categorised by green, amber, or red depending on the level of developability.

Following the traffic light study, we completed a focused study of all green sites and assessed their immediate potential for development. Our report to ORIGIN comprised a detailed table with observations and commentary on each site to guide the organisation’s decision-making process on development.