19 - 11 - 2020

Featuring Chris Bath, Partner, Architecture – presentation held as part of the Planning Portal Virtual Conference 2020.

3D imagery and visualisation took centre stage as a core topic in the Planning Portal’s 2020 Virtual Conference. BPTW Partner Chris Bath contributed to this conversation as a conference panellist speaking on the role of technology in the planning process.

CGIs and animated fly-throughs played an important role in illustrating the design to stakeholders.

Chris’ participation focused on the benefits and challenges presented by digital presentation technology like CGI visualisations, animated flythroughs, and drone footage, drawing on current projects like Rochester Riverside as real-life examples. He identified how CGI animations and 3D flythroughs have allowed clients, the public, and local authorities alike to interrogate and independently explore the design. This included a tangible experience of the design’s intricacy. For example, a new appreciation of proposed building scale offered by 360-degree images with virtual reality goggles. Chris also noted that it is important to provide design substance behind each image and to ensure the technology does not overwhelm an objective, critical analysis of design quality.

The Planning Portal’s conference took place over four days and featured a series of talks on planning reform, biodiversity, and technology in planning and development management. Chris’ presentation can be watched here.

The animated fly-through created for Rochester Riverside.