Catalyst BIM Consultancy

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BIM Service Provided BIM Consultancy

BPTW’s collaborative and experienced approach to BIM consultancy has guided Catalyst in the development of their BIM implement strategy. Our work stemmed from a strong focus on how BIM can benefit the organisation as a whole.

Catalyst approached BPTW to learn how they could implement BIM in their organisation. Following several presentations and meetings where we demonstrated the benefits of BIM and its uses, we were appointed to assist Catalyst with the creation of a BIM Guidance Report that would highlight key areas to start their BIM implementation, so it could gain traction in the organisation, and to identify key information requirements. Following the completion of the Guidance Report, BPTW were then appointed to develop a BIM Information Requirement documentation for Catalyst including Exchange Information Requirements and Asset Information Requirements in line with ISO19650 and the UK BIM Framework.

We believe in a unified approach to BIM implementation. Therefore, our BIM team conducted workshops with members of each department including asset and facilities management, development, remediation, health and safety, and IT. Each workshop was organised to analyse the team’s processes and systems, their objectives, and any suggestions for improvements. Throughout, a focus on linking the conversations back to BIM methodologies was provided to help highlight the overarching benefits for the organisation and the benefits BIM brings of enhanced coordination and communication.

We used these workshops to identify the inefficiencies in their workflows and the conflict between department processes that could be resolved through BIM implementation. We also advised on the information requirements that should be incorporated into the creation of their BIM documentation.