08 - 02 - 2019

BPTW has been given the green light by planners for Saxon Wharf, a new mixed-use scheme for Notting Hill Genesis, located on the edge of Deptford Creek in Greenwich. The development will deliver 145 new homes, of which 24% will be London Affordable Rent tenure, as well as generous commercial provision and much-needed public amenity space, helping to transform this creek-side location to offer viable and valuable connections to the local community.

Set on the cusp between two boroughs, Saxon Wharf draws inspiration from both the historic character of Greenwich and the industrial architecture typical to Deptford, as seen across the Creek. Seeking to unite these influences, Saxon Wharf comprises two interlocking blocks of varying height, creating a ‘stepping-stone’ effect to mediate between the existing and emerging contexts either side of the river.