03 - 04 - 2018

We were delighted to achieve resolutions to grant planning permission for two Opendoor Homes (formerly Barnet Homes) schemes Prospect Ring and Mayhill Road, at Barnet Planning Committee last week.  At opposite ends of the scale, the Prospect Ring scheme will provide 50 flats in a 13-storey building, together with the landscaping of the wider housing estate to provide enhanced amenity and play space for both new and existing residents. The scheme is referable to the Mayor of London due to its height and we await the Mayor’s Stage 2 decision. The Mayhill Road scheme will provide four bungalows on the site of a cluster of disused garages. All four dwellings are designed as wheelchair units, to address an identified need in the borough. 100% of the housing on both sites is intended to be provided at affordable rent levels.

These successes continue BPTW’s work with Opendoor Homes on their programme to deliver 320 affordable homes across the borough by 2020.