20 - 10 - 2020

By Partner, Architecture, Neill Campbell and Director, Architecture, Katie Parsons – presentation for Future of London held on 20 October 2020.

Organised as part of Future of London’s Council-led Housing Forum, BPTW partner Neill Campbell and director Katie Parsons gave an expert presentation on managing the design process for Local Authority housing development programmes. Drawn from their extensive experience and knowledge of delivering affordable housing projects in London, the talk addressed poignant topics such as fire safety and sustainability, providing methodologies for effectively accommodating these considerations through design management. You can watch Neill and Katie’s talk below.

BPTW is a major sponsor of Future of London’s (FoL) Council-led Housing Forum and is proud to be proactively involved in a multitude of events. We see the work of FoL as an important part in the journey towards providing high-quality homes for all Londoners. The forum provides a platform for council-led building practitioners to share knowledge and experience, and Managing the Design Process contributed to a programme of talks over 12 months that deliver expert advice to FoL delegates.

BPTW Partner Neill Campbell (centre) and Director Katie Parsons (centre right) delivered the expert talk for Future of London’s Council-led Housing Forum.