04 - 06 - 2024

BPTW is delighted to share that Peter Sofoluke, Director Architecture, has been included as one of the Editorial Advisors for Building Design’s Boomers to Zoomers campaign.

Focused on intergenerational design needs, the campaign will examine the underlying challenges and highlight the need for architectural solutions that cater to all age groups.

By examining how our built environment impacts children, young adults and seniors, the campaign seeks to inspire innovative design approaches that foster inclusive, supportive and vibrant communities.

Guided by an editorial panel, the campaign will be exploring the following key themes: children and young people, intergenerational living and new models for housing, workplace, later-living and lastly education and skills.

Throughout his career, Peter has advocated for improved architectural education and accessibility within the industry.  “Our population, and the people we are designing for, come from a range of diverse backgrounds, so it is important that those who shape our built environment reflect this,” says Peter.

Architectural education is crucial in addressing social issues in the built environment. Ensuring that architects are equipped to address these challenges will partly depend on the profession reflecting the communities it seeks to serve.