05 - 01 - 2023

Working for the London Borough of Brent, BPTW has submitted a planning application to regenerate the Kilburn Square Estate in Brent with 139 affordable and later-living homes. The new homes are situated on infill sites on the existing estate to maximise residential capacity in line with local needs while enhancing the neighbourhood.

BPTW’s submission features a strategic masterplan detailing how the new homes will seamlessly integrate with the existing buildings. It specifies access improvements to the estate buildings and amenity areas that enhance the neighbourhood for everyone’s benefit. The new five to eight-storey apartment buildings respond to the existing tower and flat blocks to create well-formed, landscaped courtyards for socialising, exercise and children’s play as well as a Central Plaza.

The existing Kilburn Square Estate is fully refurbished and includes leading inclusive design solutions to the central street, which has been requalified with new landscape and shared surfaces. The development lines the estate’s perimeter streets to create a consistent street scene and unite the immediate urban context, with accessible routes through the estate to encourage pedestrian movement and neighbourliness.

The design’s material selection and detailing are inspired by the context and local heritage of the neighbouring Conservation Area. Feature buff-coloured brick, brick banding, coin details and white balconies are references to the adjacent Victorian streets. Finally, Digby House, a notable local apartment building inspired the design of every entrance, which feature projecting entrances and double-height arches.

Rigorous consultations with the estate residents and local stakeholders informed the design process to ensure that it represented their aspirations. The residents were heavily involved in shaping the landscape proposals, and their input on play and sports equipment was meaningful.

The determination of the planning application is expected within two months.