01 - 12 - 2021

We are thrilled to report that Colville Road Phase 3, our scheme of 48 100% affordable homes for Cambridge Investment Partnership, a joint venture between Hill and Cambridge City Council, has secured planning approval.

Located at two prominent corners along Cherry Hinton High Street in Cambridge, the development will act as a gateway to the local centre whilst revitalising the area by providing additional commercial space as well as more homes for local people. This will build on an earlier phase of work which is currently under construction and involves re-landscaping two key green spaces alongside the high street, making it a friendlier and more accessible place to visit for the community.

Homes have been designed using a fabric-first approach alongside a number of sustainability features including green roofs, PV panels, air source heat pumps and mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems. As a result, the scheme is set to exceed the energy targets outlined within the Cambridge Local Plan.

The scheme will provide a range of apartments and houses which will address a local need for affordable housing in the area.

Learn more about our earlier work on Phase 2 here.