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Information Management

We believe that an effectively developed and managed Building Information Model is critical to the successful design, construction, and management of buildings. By developing rigorous BIM Execution Plans compliant with the UK BIM Framework, BPTW’s BIM team ensures that our clients’ information requirements are established from the outset and delivered consistently throughout their projects. Our aim is to support our clients to take control of their project outcomes; BPTW’s information management service is focused on a whole-life cycle approach which ensures that buildings can be designed and constructed in line with our clients’ requirements, whilst providing a Golden Thread of digital information critical for building management and safety.

BIM Consultancy

BPTW’s experience and collaborative approach has supported many clients in the understanding and implementation of BIM on their projects and within their organisations. From those with previous BIM experience to organisations new to BIM, we are able to assist private developers, housing associations and local authorities with their implementation strategies. Our consultancy services place a strong focus on establishing how BIM can benefit an organisation as a whole, looking holistically across our clients’ processes from procurement to design management to building maintenance. Our industry-leading team provide a range of services; these include BIM training and the development of BIM implementation strategies such as supply chain integration, asset management, advice on common data environments, and software development. Contact us at to learn about how we can assist your organisation.

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BIM Coordination

BPTW’s BIM coordination services have helped many of our clients across the built environment to achieve successful project outcomes from planning through to construction. Our tried and tested BIM protocols enable successful collaboration between design teams and supply chains at all project stages. Our dedicated BIM coordinators are able to improve project efficiency by enabling all project partners to work effectively within a common-data environment. Through our model coordination and clash detection processes we enhance design workflows and enable seamless communication, whilst eliminating project errors through the design process. Our ultimate outcome is the creation of outstanding data-rich federated building models which meet the needs of our clients.


Inspired by our studio culture of collaboration and openness, our BIM team are leaders in our sector and proactively contribute to the advancement of BIM in architecture and construction within the housing industry. We are proud to be members of several high-profile BIM networks and working groups such as BIM4HA (BIM for Housing Associations), a collaborative project that has brought together leading housing associations and consultants to develop best practice for digitising asset information. We are also part of the Golden Thread Initiative, a programme led by housing association L&Q and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to create a standardised digital Golden Thread of building safety information for the construction industry . We have a demonstrable track record of collaborating with many leading housing providers and their design teams to deliver successful BIM projects.