RB Greenwich

Evelyn House


Architect BPTW
Number of Homes 67
Site Area 0.24 ha
Other Uses 500sqm flexible commercial space
Local Authority Royal Borough of Greenwich
Planning Approved May 2022

Using a public inquiry process, BPTW secured planning consent for 67 affordable homes and commercial spaces at Evelyn House to kickstart regeneration at Charlton Riverside.

In collaboration with our architects, BPTW’s planning consultants secured planning permission at appeal for Evelyn House, a scheme of 67 100% affordable, high-quality homes across a four to seven-storey building with flexible commercial space. The design will deliver public realm enhancements in response to the existing industrial context.

BPTW collaborated with the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s (RBG) planning officers and local stakeholders through a detailed pre-application and public consultation process to optimise the quantum of affordable housing and workspace, addressing a shortage of both in the area. BPTW also managed the scheme’s presentation at Design Review Panel and secured strong backing for the design, especially in response to the 100% affordable housing on-site. Despite a recommendation for approval from planning officers, Evelyn House was refused by RBG’s Planning Board because they did not comply with the Charlton Riverside SPD.

To overcome the refusal, BPTW managed Optivo’s submission and appearance at the inquiry. Our team wrote the appellants’ statements of the case, the statements of common ground, and the planning witness statements. We also coordinated the submission and appearances of specialist witnesses. Despite the Council’s initial reservations that the proposal’s height, massing and density were contrary to the SPD’s guidance, BPTW demonstrated how the design-led approach set a positive precedent for the future. Our team also justified how the scheme revitalised the industrial area with much-needed affordable housing, workspace and public realm improvements. These actions secured a positive outcome at appeal, with the development granted planning permission and the Inspector recognising the design-led approach.