LB Barnet

Opendoor Homes Infill Sites


ClientOpendoor Homes
Architect BPTW
Number of Homes 198
Site Area Various sites across the Borough
Local Authority LB Barnet
Planning Approved numerous approval secured

Barnet Homes is delivering 198 affordable homes across 17 infill sites as part of a new build affordable housing development programme on behalf of the London Borough of Barnet.

BPTW was appointed by Opendoor Homes to provide strategic advice and submit a series of planning applications to redevelop infill and garage sites across the borough of Barnet. These sites form part of a development programme which is expected to deliver 500 new affordable homes by 2021. To date, BPTW have submitted 16 applications for a total of 152 units all of which received approval at committee, the next and final application will comprise a further 46 units. The proposals range from 2 to 50 dwellings and include bungalows at Quinta Drive, Ryecroft Crescent and Mayhill Road, all designed as wheelchair accessible, a 4 storey flat block made up of 14 units at the Basing Way Garages site, and 6 dwellings consisting of three flats with 1 bedroom and three with 2 bedrooms at Warwick Close. Most recently BPTW secured permission for Prospect Ring, a 13-storey building which consists of 50 apartments.

Each scheme provides 100% affordable rent housing and has been carefully designed to respond to the height, density and character of its surroundings, as well as taking into consideration matters such as parking and amenity space provision.