LB Barnet

Barnet Homes Sites


ClientBarnet Homes
Architect BPTW
Number of Homes 500
Site Area Various sites across the Borough
Local Authority LB Barnet

Barnet Homes is delivering circa 500 homes by 2021 as part of a new build affordable housing development programme on behalf of the London Borough of Barnet.

Appointed in September 2015, BPTW is acting as planning consultant across these sites to submit a series of planning applications to develop infill and garage sites.

To date, BPTW has submitted 14 applications with a development quantum ranging from 2 to 50 dwellings, all of which received approval at committee. Most recently our planners  secured permission for Prospect Ring, a 13-storey building which consists of 50 apartments, of which 100% are designated as affordable rent. Our planners supported Barnet Homes entering into a PPA agreement with the Council, and consulted with the local community through a series of public consultations throughout the development programme.