Planning success for 87-89 Loampit Vale

Posted: 14.03.2016

bptw planning have received a unanimous decision at Lewisham Planning Committee, recommending planning permission be granted (subject to the signing of s106) for 49 units at 87-89 Loampit Vale (20% affordable). The proposals, submitted on behalf of Family Mosaic, comprise the construction of a part 4, part 6, part 7 storey building on the south side of Loampit Vale that lies immediately to the west of the railway line just outside the Lewisham town centre boundary. The Renaissance development, a scheme which bptw planning acted as lead consultant on, forms a backdrop to this site.

The proposed scheme is the result of extensive pre-application advice that has been undertaken with officers since March 2015. The site is very narrow and adjoins the railway viaduct, requiring for a great deal of work to demonstrate high quality residential accommodation. A significant part of the design is to create a pedestrian street between the proposed building and the railway, linking Loampit Vale with Bertrand Street, thereby improving pedestrian accessibility in the area.

The s106 is currently being finalised and Family Mosaic intend to commence construction work as soon as possible.

Image Credit: Alan Camp Associates