Planning approval for LB Tower Hamlets scheme at Watts Grove

Posted: 19.12.2014

bptw scheme Watts Grove situated in Tower Hamlets was approved at committee on Wednesday evening. The exciting new development for LB Tower Hamlets will deliver 148 contemporary homes including family houses and apartments ranging in height from 3 to 7 storeys.

Redeveloping an otherwise underutilised space within an existing residential area, the architectural response to the site has evolved drawing inspiration from the historic fabric, the character of the local area and the need for a mix of housing typologies to address the requirements of a diverse community. Complementing its surrounding environment, houses and apartment blocks within the development connect to the existing streets whilst introducing a new home zone that assists in reducing the urban block and encourages movement between existing streets. A large central courtyard space connects to the existing and new movement routes offering amenity and play space to new residents and the existing community, encouraging interaction and cohesion. Private amenity space in the form of balconies, terraces and gardens are also provided to each unit.

Brick is the predominant material, reflecting adjacent buildings and local vernacular which is particularly emphasised through the use of brick detailing to the structural openings. Further reference is made to the historic building fabric of the area with the balcony typologies reflecting the warehouse and canal side buildings in a contemporary style.