Kent scheme for mhs homes granted planning permission

Posted: 06.10.2014

Last Friday bptw secured planning permission for a residential scheme located on Eldon Street in Chatham, Kent on behalf of client mhs homes. bptw’s designs will see the redevelopment of existing poor quality post war housing and will provide 19 contemporary homes comprising 8 houses and 11 apartments.

Alternations in brick colour and texture help to create an animated street frontage and draw focus to the prominent gable elevation of the semi-detached houses. To create a sense of individuality and a varied streetscape the houses also feature different coloured front doors in varying shades of green. The corners of houses are emphasised through brick details that play on the idea of a change in direction by rotating 45 degrees whilst corners on the block of apartments are marked by projecting bay windows, giving the development a varied and active street frontage.