Corporation Street secures unanimous planning approval

Posted: 17.02.2016

bptw has successfully secured unanimous approval at planning committee for the development of 89 homes at Corporation Street, Rochester. The scheme will deliver one, two and three bedroom apartments spread across four 5-storey buildings on two sites, both less than 5 minutes walking distance from the High Street.

Designed for mhs homes, the buildings are to be constructed in brick, paying homage to the rich historical context of Rochester town centre. Various elements of notable local buildings have been used for design reference, particularly in terms of window composition and brick detailing so as to reflect the immediate context of the site. This fusion of traditional styles and techniques within a modern setting makes for a unique and contemporary aesthetic for the development.

Running parallel to Rochester High Street, the Corporation Street area is currently subject to a planning development framework seeking to improve the gateway road into Rochester as well as alleviate the effect that the dual carriage way has on separating the town centre from development towards the river. With consideration to these requirements, bptw’s designs fully embrace this vision of Corporation Street as a modern and open boulevard, with the proposed buildings further set back from the road than the current residential buildings on site. This will not only improve the area for pedestrians with the boulevard providing a spacious environment that is separated and safe from the busy A2 dual carriageway, but also for residents, as the dwellings will be located further from the busy main road. A proposed avenue of trees will also help buffer flats from the environmental noise and pollution generated by heavy traffic.

The majority of dwellings also include fully glazed sun-spaces at all floor levels, providing opportunities for increased usage of the balcony areas throughout the year, and also help to reduce noise from the road. Medway Council planning case officer commented: ‘Overall, the architecture would deliver a high quality and distinctive frontage that would positively transform the character of Corporation Street.’