bptw row to victory

Posted: 24.06.2014

Congratulations to our two bptw rowing teams “bptw Blades” and “Whatever Floats Your Boat”  who, this weekend, took part in the Meridian Challenge, an 8.5 mile rowing event from Westminster Pier to Greenwich to raise money for the AHOY Centre.

bptw Partner Andy Heath was on the “bptw Blades” team and provides a summary of how his team romped to victory:

“The first half of the race saw a field of eight gradually whittled down to two front runners; ‘bptw Blades’ and ‘The Black Pearl’ who took the lead in a committed display of early form. After a number of gallantly defended overtaking manoeuvres bptw’s strength and rowing prowess was rewarded with the lead just before Tower Bridge. A tense battle of cat and mouse ensued and numerous attacks were thwarted with a tenacity not seen on the Thames since The Queen herself stood for 4 hours in the cold and rain on her Diamond Jubilee.

bptw then dug deep finding the reserves to increase our  stroke rate leaving  the opposition broken in our not inconsiderable wake. Finally our spirits were lifted by the site of the award winning Pepys Estate development which signalled the home straight and after a blistering finish (quite literally) the Blades romped home the overall winners by nearly a minute in a time of 1:23:27s.”

All proceeds from fundraising go The Ahoy Centre, a local charity in Deptford which provides training for young disadvantaged and disabled people, equipping them with self-confidence, national qualifications and work skills. We would like to  thank the staff and many volunteers of the Ahoy Centre for organising such a great event offering novice rowers the chance to travel through London in such a unique way, and to raise money for such a fantastic cause while doing so capped off the experience.

As part of bptw’s ‘giving something back’ initiative, the practice has agreed to match funds raised through staff efforts, helping to exceed our initial fundraising target of £2400

Many thanks also to everybody for your support and generous contributions, should you still wish to make a donation towards a worthy cause our just giving site is still active.