bptw Pecha Kucha event

Posted: 17.06.2014

bptw recently commenced with the first in a series of Pecha Kucha events, giving staff across the practice the opportunity to talk informally about a range of interests from their creative work, travels, research and student projects, to hobbies and other interests.  Pecha Kucha (Japanese for ‘chit-chat’) originated from Tokyo in 2003 and is a presentation style where 20 images are shown to the audience for 20 seconds each, whilst the presenter talks along to the images. The concise and fast paced presentation format was organised as one of bptw’s regular social events.

Presentations included partner Andrew French’s recent business trip to China as part of a masterplanning bid. Architectural assistant Christopher Warren spoke on Scandinavian church architecture, whilst architectural director Andrea Hilton did a joint presentation with assistant Joe Ewen on the representation of dystopia and anxiety within movies. Architect Patrick Spears focused on 'viewpoint' - camera angles in photography, filmmaking and other visual arts, and graphics assistant Joanna Baker talked about her involvement in a challenge to produce a short film within 48 hours. The award winning film “Father and Son”, which focuses on the environment, was then shown to the practice.